Monday, January 2, 2012

Why I'm Here...Well, Besides the Fact Fetuses Have No Free Will

I like to rant about stupid shit. And by stsupid shit, I mean really important, in-depth shit that much of the world doesn't seem to care about..or often even know about. I like technology. I'm a poor, unemployed...full-time collge student. I will (hopefully) have an undergrad psych degree in the not-so-distant future, depending on how much more organ failure caused by long-term use of antidepressants brings my GPA down through the floor. I think a lot so I figure at least on this here interwebz there's that option to be slightly less poor. Maybe. I am a cynical asshole and a strong advocate of dark, satirical, and distasteful varieties of humour. I've thought about writing a book, if not just to watch the look's on pissed off people's faces when they read factual, honest, and more or less objective information, aand if they send me to Guantanamo for it, at least then I'll be like some sort of vigilante freedom fighting war hero. That all the Playboy and Maxim models want random hook-ups and one-night-stands with. But then I'll be dead. So that poses a problem. Plus, it's kind of disturbing. 

Also, I tend to find political correctness highly offensive on a visceral level. I'm just as deprecating with the rest of the world as I am with myself. So you've been warned. You don't have to read all my controversial, heartless, intellectual, overly analytical bullshit. No one's threatening to come after you with an FBI raid and corner you in the center of a crop circle of WMD's. Yet. That I know of. :D

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